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Naturally, I am frequently speaking with clients about their strategies and tactics for securing new clients and growing their business. Sometimes these strategies and tactics need me to suggest some ‘fine tuning‘! The following are some tips and tricks that I routinely remind clients about! Maybe there are some that will give you some food for thought too?

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You would be amazed how obvious some things are when you read them. But sometimes you need to remind yourself that you need to apply that knowledge to your businesses day to day too! Here are some of the things that I routinely remind my clients about during our coaching sessions! Althought they are very simple, you would be amazed at how effective they can be when implemented!

If you don’t know the answer, keep your mouth shut...

It’s tempting to deflect and try sway the conversation to a different topic. In this instance, it’s best to use the third party rule. Example: When I get back to the office I’ll get John to call you, he is our cyber security guy. Don’t pretend to be an expert if you are not!

Stop worrying about SEO – build relationships – remember its about know, like and trust...

Paying an SEO to do your marketing? Good, but don’t expect results over night. SEO is just one part of your marketing, there is no substitute for getting out get there and building relationships. In fact LinkedIn is a great place to start. You can download my Ultimate LinkedIn Crash course free here

Be patient – Slow and steady wins the race...

The fable of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind. The hare is very confident of winning, so it stops during the race and falls asleep. The tortoise continues to move very slowly but without stopping and finally it wins the race. The moral lesson of the story is that you can be more successful by doing things slowly and steadily than by acting quickly and carelessly. Be consistent give yourself just 10 minutes per day to build relationships.

You can charge more, but Premium price = Premium service...

Don’t focus on the price, it’s about the service you provide. Ultimately your service is ensuring that staff are being more productive and not wasting company time trying to figure out tech. Your service ensures that staff can do what they do best and you take care of the IT. This is a premium service. Focus on productivity not on price.

Get a good accountant – ignorance is not bliss when the IRS come knocking!...

There is a lot you can do on your own when you are starting out. Don’t let your taxes be one of them. That’s a headache you don’t need.

Customer service above all. Don’t pi$$ off the client...

Agree your SLA up front. If you agree to a 24/7 service provide it. When the phone rings make sure it is answered by someone that can help and assist right away. Don’t lose a client over an unanswered call.

Invest in your people and watch them grow and deliver for your business...

Don’t nickel and dime your staff. Invest in them, train them offer incentives. Reward them not only financially, offer praise, encourage their input, don’t micro manage, they will in return be loyal.

A No is not a No until you hear NO! And even then its probably a Not right now...

Clients often tell me they haven’t heard back from a prospect and they think the deal is dead so they don’t follow up. Seriously this happens, a NO isn’t a No until your hear the word and often times its a just not right now! Follow up, put a note in your calendar. Don’t want to be pushy?

You are worthy! Define and target your dream clients...

You get a big fat F if you skip this and say every business owner is your dream client!. Really consider who they are, what their challenges are, create a customer persona. When you can speak to your client in their language and articulate their challenges in a succinct manner – you are on to a winner.

Don't race to the bottom. Say no to discounts, instead offer greater value...

Don’t cheapen your service. Offer extra services, more incentives, no discounts please!.

Go for the no so you can move to the yes!...

Go for the NO, understand the reason behind the NO, then you’ll move to the yes. This mind shift will transforms your perspective on “sales”!

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The LinkedIn Strategy that no one is talking about.

LinkedIn is phenomenal and I would be remiss not to mention this top strategy here.  The LinkedIn gurus are telling you about the latest feature on LinkedIn and how to use the new and improved LinkedIn widget … Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter at all!  If you don’t understand how to communicate effectively, find the right people and get found all the LinkedIn tips in the world won’t help you.

The LinkedInLady’s 5 Tips for MSPs on LinkedIn.

They don’t call me The LinkedIn Lady for nothing ! These are my top tips on how you can leverage LinkedIn for your MSP.

Focus on connecting with people who are active on the platform.

Not all LinkedIn users are equal.  Like many platforms people will create an account and never use it.  It’s important to connect with people who are active.  Check their activity, if they have posted or commented in the last 30 days you have an active user, also check if they are a premium member,  a LinkedIn user that has a gold LinkedIn badge beside their name is a premium user and is paying for the service.

Only connect with people that you can help and can help you.

I am a big believer in quality over quantity.  Its better to have a network of 500 people who are highly engaged than a network of 13,000+ who have no interest in what you are offering.  Don’t connect with just anyone, your network is an asset, start treating it that way.

Use your connections. Download them and keep them ‘clean’.

Go into your network once a month and download them to a csv.   Take a good look through the list, take note of people who have engaged or not, apply the traffic light system here: Red – Remove, Amber – Start Engagement, Green – Follow up and offer value.

Understand how your dream client is using the platform.

I hear LinkedIn experts talking about ways to push out content and get more ‘reach’ – who cares ? If your Dream Client isn’t using LinkedIn than stop being a busy fool.  Your dream client is probably on LinkedIn but do your research, look them up and see if they are engaging with content, if they are great you have a person that uses LinkedIn to consume information, if not then leverage LinkedIn differently, and reach out to them using the messaging platform as the first touch point.

Focus on outreach.

For more on outreach check out LinkedIn for MSPs Outreach Strategy Course – where you will learn how to build relationships in just 10 minutes per day!! 

LinkedIn is a wonderful place to find and start building relationships with your dream clients, in this ebook, you will learn:

  • 10 Steps to your All Star LinkedIn profile
  • Find and connect with your ideal client
  • How to stop your dream clients going to your competitors
  • Advanced Tips and Tricks
  • Bonus Case Study - How one client closed a €6m deal on LinkedIn using the 10 minute strategy!

4 Quick Wins to new clients

I am all about quick methods, and don’t like wasting my time on marketing methods that don’t drive results.

Apply these four methods to your MSP and watch your sales sky rocket. These are simple to do but you’ve got to take action and do them.

Look for verticals you can align with

I have helped MSPs make great strides when they drill down and invest in specific verticals. When you do this you can then understand their challenges, budgets and constraints. When you can talk in your client’s language and can articulate their challenges in a succinct manner, trust is earned and the sales process is easier.

Partner with a vendor

This for me is a no brainer. I am shocked at the amounts of MSPs that don’t do this! This is one of the easiest ways building out value based webinars for your clients, and best of all the vendor does all the work, you just present!

Give something away

Create something of value for your dream client, give it away in exchange for an email address and start using marketing automation to drive leads to your business. A cheat sheet or an ebook are examples of products you can create that won’t break the bank. Check out Fiverr for an inexpensive way to build your giveaways.

Leverage marketing automation

Once you have created something to give away create an email nurturing campaign and stay top of mind with your dream clients. There are plenty of email automation tools available. Active Campaign is my go to tool.

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Hey and you know me by now the coffee is always on the house!

Digital Marketing – Doesn’t work they are all SCAM artists!

Have you experienced paying for marketing services and heard the term we are so close after months of investment? Here’s the truth marketing doesn’t work unless you put in the work, now hear me out I am not for one minute suggesting that you need to understand the nuances of Facebook ads or google adwords, but these ads won’t work unless you are clear on who you dream client is.. To put it really simply if your dream clients are hedge funders, what magazines are they reading? Who are they following? What events are they going to? When you have this data it makes it very easy to create marketing that works.

If you are not armed with this information it won’t work. You might say hedge funders they probably read ‘fast company’ you would be wrong and now your targeting is wrong and to add insult to injury your ad and your offer won’t resonate!

It’s ALL about the offer and angle you use. Your dream clients don’t understand IT the way you do, you need to position your service in a way that helps them understand it’s value.

So what to do – you need to build a relationship marketing machine that you control and completely understand – once you do that you can outsource other aspects of digital marketing like ads and get results.

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