Who doesn’t hate cold calling? Sent 100’s of emails with no reply?

As a business development partner, I’ve heard all of these statements before, and I get it! But before you can even think about marketing, aka: saving your business from obscurity, you need to identify your ideal client and position your USP. It’s one of the biggest issues I’ve seen in the IT Industry. Remember, no one knows you exist yet!

To sell to John Smith and to ensure John Smith buys, you need to see through John Smith’s eyes. That means you need to understand what your ideal prospect is really looking for when they’re considering whether to buy your solution or not. For example, when someone goes to buy a mattress, they don’t really want a mattress, they want a good nights sleep. They want a specific outcome.

Homer didn’t buy a mattress – Marge bought it because she was fed up with him tossing and turning and disturbing her night’s sleep! Find out your buyer’s journey!

Many software and IT businesses do not take the time to understand the outcome their ideal prospect is looking for. Yet, once you know what they really want and the outcome they truly desire, you can position your solution so it adds the highest value possible. This added value makes a partnership more viable.
Through my research and experience in the industry, I’ve discovered how the successful software and IT businesses were much better at knowing their ideal client. They knew how to market themselves better than those with less success. Some of their knowledge was innate, but most of it was gained through experience, which is why we advise sticking to an ideal segment market or target market. By focusing on a specific industry or type of prospect to service, you gain insight faster and become a thought leader by default. It’s why we have so much success in the software and IT space helping many businesses just like yours

WIIFM. From what I’ve seen, most software and IT businesses don’t have a value proposition, and if they do, it’s rarely strong enough. Throughout the entirety and duration of your business, knowing your value proposition helps you maintain growth. Whenever I come into contact with businesses doing less well, I always wish they’d spent – or would spend – time defining their value proposition and communicating it to their target market.

If you’re unable to communicate your value to your customer, then why should they value what you offer? This becomes even more important with discerning customers. Companies who don’t know their value proposition may find themselves frequently losing out on price, or being removed from the supply chain altogether.

Here are four key considerations for developing your value proposition or USP:

Who is your ideal client?

Who does your product or solution solve problems for? Who does it benefit?

Identify the problem

Define and identify the problem that needs solving. Work out the problem your product or service solves.


Showcase how your solution can solve the problem of your ideal client!


What sets you apart for your competition? Experience? Price? A special skill? This needs defining in your proposition so there isn’t any hesitation from your target market when considering your product.

A lot of businesses, particularly smaller ones, don’t dedicate a lot of time to their marketing strategy. This is understandable when you consider the amount time needed to come up with a strategy, plus the vast marketing resources on offer. Where do you start? Where are your customers? From a B2B perspective, the most powerful platform in 2019 and beyond is LinkedIn.

Use the power of LinkedIn to blow up your IT business. Here are three ways to leverage it:

1. Promotion: Consistently promote your business through video and media. Post to LinkedIn and broadcast to other social media platforms using IFTTT (the If This Then That app).

2. Brand awareness marketing: Get your brand seen in as many places as possible to increase the likelihood of getting in front of someone who wants your services.

3. Direct marketing on LinkedIn: Build out a messaging strategy and incorporate your 5-minute favor to truly add value to your network. By building a powerful network on LinkedIn, you can directly market to your ideal client. That means you no longer have to figure out if your latest google-ad will work, or be embarrassed at a networking event where no-one knows you exist or even cares about your software.

Now that you have your USP, create a daily habit by leveraging LinkedIn!

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