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The QuickWin Method was designed with the busy MSP in mind to work in 10 minute sprints enabling you to generate leads from the perpetual marketing machine that is built during the 90 day program.  As a thought leader in your industry it is crucial you have an authority system in place which is why I developed The Hollywood MSP Authority System™ enabling you to control the narrative and the quality of leads.  


The quickwin method

The 10 Minute Marketing Machine, for busy MSPs


Holywood Media Strategy for MSPs

Get your business featured in respected media publications. Increased exposure for your MSP.


LinkedIn is a wonderful place to find and start building relationships with your dream clients, in this ebook, you will learn:

  • 10 Steps to your All Star LinkedIn profile
  • Find and connect with your ideal client
  • How to stop your dream clients going to your competitors
  • Advanced Tips and Tricks
  • Bonus Case Study - How one client closed a €6m deal on LinkedIn using the 10 minute strategy!

The Quick Win Method

The 10 Minute Short Cut.

A 90 day coaching and accountability results driven program designed to give you a marketing playbook for your business. Master the art of getting attention, attract the right people with the right message for your MSP.

The best kept secret to building relationships in just 10 minutes per day and providing your dream clients with content that will inspire and engage without wasting time trying to figure out what to say.


Ditch the automated canned messages that don't work.


Ditch the feel good quotes that no one wants to hear.

Start real conversations, create quality content show up for just 10 minutes a day and implement the shortcut to a marketing machine that you control.

What You Get

  • Full Business Analysis.
  • Accountability Zoom Calls with specific tasks that must be completed.
  • Your own marketing playbook that can be managed in 10 minute sprints.
  • When you sign up I am on your board – part of your team.
  • I am your accountability partner, no excuses, only results!
  • Bonus – For a limited time I am offering each new private client a media campaign that will provide your MSP with exposure in large news publications across the US. RRP $900 (Limited Time Offer)

Results You Can Expect…

  • A marketing machine suited to your IT business.
  • A system that matches your schedule.
  • A customized landing page to build an email list full of clients you’ll love.
  • Brand repositioning – attract the right clients for your business and repel the bad ones.
  • Tried and trusted outreach campaigns  that work.
  • Finally the short cut that you need to control your marketing. 

The Criteria!

  • You must be coachable and willing to put in the effort to get results.
  • The QuickWin Method™ is NOT suited for everyone – to see if you apply register your interest below


 Book a 1 Hour Jump Start Your Marketing Zoom Call.

Do you want to grow your IT business?  Have you previously invested in marketing courses or done for you services in the past with results not up to your expectations?  It's frustrating but you are not alone.  On this call we will look at your existing assets and put a plan in place to leverage them.  You have invested the money now put it to use! 

If you are not ready to jump into The QuickWin Method program book this 1 hour consultancy session so I can put you on the right road. 

If you decide you want to jump on board at a later date the cost of the consult is deductible from the program -- it's a win win !

Hey and you know me by now the coffee is always on the house!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

10 Questions you need to be able to answer well to win high value contracts! Not winning as many contracts as you would like? Seeing a higher than normal attrition rate on existing clients? Take the quiz and see if there is a simple tweak that could transform your business!

The Hollywood Media Strategy for MSPs.

Control the narrative, control your leads.

Get featured in over 300 highly respected news publications. Expert blog content created and done exclusively for you, build reviews and amplify your presence with my exclusive Hollywood MSP Authority System

Being the thought leader in your industry is further amplified , by creating social proof.

Leverage the same strategies and resources used by huge corporations and Hollywood studios with a boutique system designed exclusively for MSPs.

Note: I only work with an MSP in one city – Exclusivity Guaranteed

Enter your city to see if you qualify – if you do you will be brought to a booking call tab.

 What You Get

  • Detailed Gap Analysis that will detail your businesses current visibility.
  • Featured news articles in the most respected media sites in the world. 
  • Expert content created in your brand voice with just a 15 minute time investment per week.
  • Full management of your Google my Business account to boost and manage your reviews to further and amplify your presence and reach
  • Massive Boost in reach. The more people that see you the better.
  • Push Button Market Authority
  • Tailored Publicity Campaign that employs the same strategies and resources used by huge corporations and Hollywood studios at rates you can afford.
  • Monthly business growth and gap analysis reports to measure KPIs.
  • Each campaign is results driven.  Click on the button below and check to see if your area is available.

Results You Can Expect…

  • Build trust and authority, dominate competitive keyword searches on command, get more calls, and build huge subscriber lists, almost overnight.

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"There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

John F. Kennedy

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Boutique marketing for MSPs.  No two MSPs are the same, my approach is personal and tailored to your business.   I don't work with just anyone and have a strict policy of only working with one MSP in any city.  If we are the right fit, I am on your board and dedicated to your success.  Stop outsourcing the most important aspect of your business growth.  I will work with you to build a wildly successful lead generation engine you can manage in just 10 minutes a day.


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