To scale your MSP in today’s competitive market can be tricky. There are so many options for customers to choose from it can be difficult to stand out. But not for the reasons you may think. Nowadays, the technology you offer may not be enough to seal the deal. What’s more likely to win over your client is understanding their mission and their industry.

Clients want to feel like they have a dependable/trustworthy relationship with their MSP provider. In order to deliver that to them, you really need to speak their language. Understanding what draws customers to say, the beauty market will help you provide a better service. For instance, flash sales may be an important part of your customer’s company. If you understand that this type of marketing draws lots of customers to the website, you’ll also know the importance of the website not crashing during this time as orders are being made.

If you want to scale your MSP and stand out in a $300 Billion market then consider doing the following

The First Encounters

Your first interaction with your client is one of the more important moments. This is where you can show them you understand their needs. A client may not know everything they need or want when it comes to IT services. If you can articulate their problem back to them in their terminology then you show you understand.

The next step is showing them you not only understand what they need but you can explain to them how you will get them the results. The client doesn’t care about the nitty-gritty tech you will use but instead wants to hear about the results you will produce.

Try This

After you have set a date for your first briefing with a client do your due diligence. The tech is where you are a master. What you need to know is your client's background and the same with their company/industry. Write down the answers to the following questions.

Why did this company start?

How old is this company?

What is their base following/consumers they cater to?

What terminology is important to this industry?

What sets this company/brand apart from the rest?

These are the types of questions you should know the answers to when speaking to the client for the first time. This shows you are not only invested in their company but are familiar with how the industry operates, making you a great fit for providing their IT services.

Do use your own strengths. You can relay some of the tech terms and methods you may use in a way that’s relatable to them. This will put the client at ease if they don’t know much about IT services and bridge the gap between the two industries.

Not That

Don’t fake it till you make it. If a client starts speaking on matters you are unfamiliar with in their industry don’t try to go along with the customer. They will know when you don’t know what they’re talking about because they are the experts in their industry. This would impact the next point which is building a trustworthy relationship.

Availability and Developing the Relationship

If your client has allowed you to work with them you must show you are ready and available on-demand to provide technical support. This alone will establish trust in the relationship. However, many MSP services provide this as a basic service and will not set you apart. Where you stand out is how you respond when you are called demand.

This comes back to the point of being able to articulate a client's need or problem back to them in a way that they better understand than when they starting explaining it. They are looking for a solution to their specific company and industry, therefore the response should feel personalized. You may be providing similar tech services to this customer as you would to another but the client again doesn’t care about tech speak.

They want transparency and trust that you are going to take care of their company the same way they would if they could provide the solution themselves. By becoming a subject-matter expert in this industry, won’t be hard to do.

Give A Demo

If a client is not 100 percent convinced about what you’re selling, the best thing you can do is show a demo of your work. You can do a small trial of how your personalized approach would work with their company or you can show how you personalized other client’s businesses with your services.

This will establish immediate faith in the relationship and demonstrate that you are willing to go the extra mile for their company. If a client has already mentioned some of their desires, or you already understand what their industry entails, you can show a similar demo to really paint the picture for the client.


At the end of the day to stand out in this expansive market your relationship with the client has to be a priority. They need to feel from you that you understand what their company means to them and what the company means to their clients. When you do this the client will feel like you stand out from the other applicants because all the providers can do the tech part of things, but will they care about the company?

The extra time and research into the industry you work in will not only be worth It in the end but also will start to come easier and easier as you pick up new clients. As a provider, you may start to develop niche industries where clients can see other companies’ successes in the same field.

Technology at the end of the day is not what wins the clients. What wins are the relationships that develop through understanding and trust that you can provide to them from the very first day.

In this article, we focused on building relationships and becoming an industry expert. To scale your MSP with controlled growth, having the correct processes and procedures in place is crucial. Check out MSPTag for more information.

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