Return on Investment Calculator

I speak to MSPs daily and the one thing they routinely tell me?

I Don’t Have The Time!

I hear you, we are all busy, if it’s not work, it’s family commitments and lets face it a whole lot of other stuff. 

You 100% have time – focus on working in 10 minute sprints, set up your daily planner and set aside time for your marketing and relationship building but do these tasks in just 10 minutes..

Don’t think it can be achieved – join the penny jar challenge (hyperlink to challenge)

Still not convinced, try my Return on Investment Calculator and then tell me you ‘Don’t have the time!’…

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Return On Investment Calculator

Its really simple, just answer the questions to get your result.  I specialize in trust based marketing, this is achieved by building relationships.  I start by building relationships on LinkedIn which does take time, this calculator will give you a good idea of how much time you need to invest to reach your revenue goals.  The QuickWin Method employs 10 minute sprints which can be broken up throughout the day.

Approximate Revenue Per Sale:

When you sell one of your products or services, what is the average price / revenue associated with each sale? If you are not sure what your average revenue per sale is, just enter the price of your most popular product.

Approximate Margin On Each Sale:

When you sell one of your products or services, on average, what is your percentage profit margin? If you are not sure what your average profit margin is, just choose a realistic profit margin that you generally aim for when selling your product or service.


Approximate Sales Cycle In Weeks:

When you engage with a prospective customer and they subsequently purchase your product or service, typically how many weeks does it take from the initial conversation to closing the deal?

1 week52 weeks

How Much Time Can You Commit Daily:

Building relationships with prospective customers and converting them to new sales is going to take some of your time. Approximatley how many minutes daily can you commit to spending on building these new relationships?

1 minute60 minutes
LinkedIn is a wonderful place to find and start building relationships with your dream clients, in this ebook, you will learn:

  • 10 Steps to your All Star LinkedIn profile
  • Find and connect with your ideal client
  • How to stop your dream clients going to your competitors
  • Advanced Tips and Tricks
  • Bonus Case Study - How one client closed a €6m deal on LinkedIn using the 10 minute strategy!

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