LinkedIn for MSPs

Uniquely designed LinkedIn Training Programs enabling MSPs to transform their sales pipeline while building relationships. I am firm believer in working in 10 minute sprints and ensuring that your marketing works for you.   

LinkedIn For MSP's

Learn how to do leverage LinkedIn for your IT Business in just 10 minutes per day!


Bespoke LinkedIn Training for your Sales Team

Small Business working on your own or large corporate. Let me show you how you can market your business in 10 minute sprints.


LinkedIn Outreach Strategy for MSPs

Leverage LinkedIn For your Business in Just 10 Minutes per Day!

LinkedIn is a fantastic way to build relationships with potential clients. Stop figuring out where to find your best clients, in this course I uncover quick and fast ways to find and engage with them. Stop selling on LinkedIn and start building relationships with clients you’ll love. Best of all you can do it in just 10 minutes per day!

  • Super high productivity with a minimal time investment.
  • Complete each module while finishing your morning coffee.
  • Results without the budget strain.
  • I have simplified the process, with cut and paste formulas not available anywhere else.

Course Outline

Results driven course that focuses on building a LinkedIn Strategy that you can execute in 10 Minutes per day! Finally control the narrative – create a network full of prospects that need and want your service.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization. Turn your profile into a sales funnel and get your profile updated by following this quick step by step video tutorial.

  • Messaging Framework.  The exact framework my clients and I use to get responses.  No sales pitches here folks!
  • Finding all the right people. I have created a DFY search template – all you need to do is copy and paste to get super targeted searches.
  • LinkedIn Ninja Hacks. Find out who is in your competitors network.
  • The 10 Minute Strategy.  Don’t get stuck in the LinkedIn vortex – I will have you leveraging LinkedIn with just 10 minutes daily effort.  
  • The LinkedIn Followup CRM.  Google sheets template you can save as your own and never forget to follow up
  • Bonus – 30 Days Online Consultancy.  I am dedicated to your success and will answer any questions you have directly.  I am at your service for a full 30 days.
  • Bonus – 30 Minute Clarity Call.  Just want to jump on a call and have me look at your profile, analyze messages?  For a limited time I am offering a 30 minute consult with this product!

Learning Outcome

Leverage LinkedIn in just 10 minutes so you can engage quickly and effectively with clients you’ll love. LinkedIn is not a sales platform but a business relationship platform.

  • Get more leads and scale your business leveraging LinkedIn data.
  • Build relationships and turn cold prospects into warm leads, without being spammy or annoying.
  • Finally control the narrative – create a network full of prospects that need and want your service. Become the thought leader in your industry.
LinkedIn is a wonderful place to find and start building relationships with your dream clients, in this ebook, you will learn:

  • 10 Steps to your All Star LinkedIn profile
  • Find and connect with your ideal client
  • How to stop your dream clients going to your competitors
  • Advanced Tips and Tricks
  • Bonus Case Study - How one client closed a €6m deal on LinkedIn using the 10 minute strategy!

 Book a 1 Hour Jump Start Your Marketing Zoom Call.

Do you want to grow your IT business?  Have you previously invested in marketing courses or done for you services in the past with results not up to your expectations?  It's frustrating but you are not alone.  On this call we will look at your existing assets and put a plan in place to leverage them.  You have invested the money now put it to use! 

If you are not ready to jump into The QuickWin Method program book this 1 hour consultancy session so I can put you on the right road. 

If you decide you want to jump on board at a later date the cost of the consult is deductible from the program -- it's a win win !

Hey and you know me by now the coffee is always on the house!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

10 Questions you need to be able to answer well to win high value contracts! Not winning as many contracts as you would like? Seeing a higher than normal attrition rate on existing clients? Take the quiz and see if there is a simple tweak that could transform your business!

Linkedin Training for Your MSP Sales Staff 

Your Sales Team can Build Relationships for Effective Sales.

Marketing foundations. Build trust. Drive Leads. Sell. Work smarter on LinkedIn.

MSP sales can have a long sales cycle. Learn how to develop long-term relationships that will continue to keep your sales pipeline full for years to come.

Each training program is bespoke to your MSP and is delivered live over zoom.

*Minimum 5 attendees.

Need a Bespoke LinkedIn Strategy?

Losing out on sales?
Limited marketing budget?
Does your staff need a LinkedIn profile overhaul?
No idea where to start?


Nervous about about your staff representing your company unprofessionally? 100% confidentiality
Expert and personalized program designed exclusively for you

How it Works

Discovery call to determine your goals
Discovery Form to assess your goals
​LinkedIn profile audit for each staff member
Tailored LinkedIn training content designed and delivered by Vikki.
Available in 2 hours or 4-hour workshops
Delivered online in hourly blocks via zoom
All trainees receive the recording and training material.
Follow up accountability call with each attendee
Exclusive membership to the MSP Playbook Facebook group

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"There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

John F. Kennedy

Take action now and book a call. We will do lots of stuff that is interesting and you will transform your business and get a great result etc. But if your not ready, then why not do some training or download our free book

Boutique marketing for MSPs. No two MSPs are the same, my approach is personal and tailored to your business. I don’t work with just anyone and have a strict policy of only working with one MSP in any city. If we are the right fit, I am on your board and dedicated to your success. Stop outsourcing the most important aspect of your business growth. I will work with you to build a wildly successful lead generation engine you can manage in just 10 minutes a day.


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