LinkedIn Best Practices

4 Important LinkedIn How-Tos

I can’t stress this enough. People go on LinkedIn and think it’s a magic bullet to their business. They believe they are going to throw up a basic profile and just start raking in leads left and right with uninspired headlines and no connection strategy.

That isn’t how it works.

To grow your business on LinkedIn, there are a few things you need to create the look and feel of the professional LinkedIn that will WOW your ideal clients.

We go through these together step by step in the beginning of the 90 Day LinkedIn Accelerator Program, to make sure that your profile is set up to win.

1) How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Get Results

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile, most people fill in the basics – name, email, a little bi-line, and some previous experience. It’s enough to connect with coworkers and maybe some old college friends, maybe even enough to apply for jobs in your field.

But if you want to attract your dream clients and bring high value leads into your business, you need to showcase the professional that you are and optimize your LinkedIn profile. These are the three elements you need:

A - Headlines that Rock

The first, (and best) way to optimize your profile is to get your headline right.  You have 6 seconds to capture someone attention so use these 120 characters to stand out from the crowd and draw people deeper into your profile.

The winning headline structure? I help X achieve Y so they can do Z.  Here, you are talking about your prospects – never about your business. You are very subtly telling them exactly what you do, how you help them, and why they need your services.

So a really simple example is: “I help consultants generate leads so they can scale their business.”

This says that the ideal prospect is “consultants” and what you’re going to do for them is generate leads and that with your help, they will be able to scale.

Here are examples of two great headlines:

Both of these headlines have the most important elements for a great LinkedIn Headline. They are specific in what they do, the results they achieve and who they serve!

Here are examples of headlines that try to be different but don’t hit the mark:

This LinkedIn user made an effort here to stand out, but why would I choose to work with him? Does he specialize in my niche? What’s in it for me? What type of IT does he do?

This is not a realistic headline. What type of businesses? How do you get them customers? Who do you serve?

B - Cover graphics that WOW

Your branding should be consistent across all of your social media platforms, so make your cover graphic stand out.

The size you’re looking for is 1584×396 – or if you’re looking for a ratio, 4:1. Some of your image will be covered by your headshot, so be aware of where that needs to go.

You want these to be attention grabbing with a call to action and relevant contact details.

If possible, add social proof like news features.

Here are two great examples of WOW-Worthy cover graphics:

Vikki Keenan #LinkedInLady Cover Graphic

C - “About” Summaries Built for Results

Clients don’t care about your business they care about their problems.

The About section of your profile is your sales letter.

This is where you show your “mafia offer” and present it as, “the one they can’t refuse.”

The thing to focus on here is what particular problem you are solving for your ideal client. Tell them how you’re going to solve your ideal prospect’s problem right away so they’re interested in talking to you about the solution.

There are huge amount of IT professionals out there, a lot of consultants, a lot of CEOs, the list goes on.

You need to really be specific on what you do, how you do it, and the outcome of your product or service.

Here’s an example of my summary:

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What Clients are saying..

“When Vikki took over, the views percentage went from practically non existence up to 2980% within 5 working days. My profile page is now getting an average of anywhere between 25% and 50% with an odd 100%+ on a given week.”
– Gerard Smith – River Currency

“Intelligent campaigns designed to fit a very specific need and results have been better than the highest expectations we had.”
– Stephen Mc Lean – Lo Easy Technology


▶️ Book a 1 to 1 Strategy Session:

I’m a big believer in expanding my network and would be very happy to connect even if we can’t see a way to work together right away – you never know where a good working relationship can lead!

2) How to Target Your Ideal Client

If you are using the free LinkedIn account, the best approach to get super targeted is by doing a boolean search for your ideal prospect right in the search bar at the top of the page.

A boolean search looks like this:

“Business” AND “Consultant” NOT “Marketing”

This way you are only focusing on people who you want to connect with.

I do recommend upgrading and investing in Sales Navigator, especially during the LinkedIn Accelerator Program. With Navigator you can get more data about your prospect, you’re able to search more, and you can connect with more people on a daily basis.

In general, aim to send out 10 to 20 invites every day. Be tight on your search criteria. Really, really nailing this will get you over 30% connection rate on all of your attempted connections.

Protip: Connect with a nice ego-boosting note like, “I’m impressed by your profile and would like to network with you.”

It’s a strategy game, not a numbers game. Sending a 10 to 20 invites to qualified prospects that will resonate with your product or service is much better than sending 100 connection requests to random people.

3) How to Build LinkedIn Campaigns that Convert

There are a lot of moving pieces here but the key is to create a messaging sequence that offers value. 

Contrary to popular belief, selling on LinkedIn doesn’t work. Show interest in your prospect, be abundant and offer value consistently on the platform.

Pushy sales messages don’t have any place on LinkedIn. Here’s an example of a message that doesn’t work.

Do you see the problem? I am not his ideal client, and nothing in my profile would suggest that I am. He isn’t forming a relationship or offering me value—he’s just asking if I’m having a race to the bottom.

What Does Work on LinkedIn

Offering real value and helpful content, creating relationships that are based on your ideal customer – not on you, and always following up with more value.

Your messaging sequence needs to have your five minute favor.  This is something quick and easy that your potential client can do within five minutes that can be really helpful for their business.  If you don’t get a response to that, follow up with another value message like a credibility article.

Be consistent with your brand message here. Your articles should focus on your prospects pain points. This tends to work really well and is a fantastic ice breaker for a successful campaign. 

The aim of the game is to get people off the LinkedIn platform and on the phone with you OR on to your email list, where you provide consistent value, and show up.

4) How to Automate to Save Yourself Time and Money

Automation is fantastic if used correctly. This is against LinkedIn’s terms of service because people started to use automation to spam influencers.

So I like to create a semi-automated strategy and use it sparingly to:

– View other peoples profiles, this will encourage people to view you back and get more eyes on your profile.
– Make connection requests with notes for my ideal prospect.
– Send first messages with the five minute favor.

It’s important to actually interact with your network, so there needs to be a manual element here too. 

– Like and share content.
– Comment on posts and articles with positive feedback. 
– Keep an eye on your notifications and send messages to people you have been notified about.

The best automation tool for LinkedIn that I recommend using is called Dux Soup. They have a Free Forever option that you can try before you commit to buying.

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