LinkedIn Accelerator Program

Are You Struggling to Find Time to Use LinkedIn Effectively to Get More Leads for Your Business?

Do you want a quick and easy strategy that can leverage the power of LinkedIn?

After you complete the LinkedIn Blueprint Accelerator™ Program, you’re going to bring in high quality leads by spending just 20 minutes a day on the platform.

The LinkedIn Blueprint Accelerator™ Program is designed for Fintech and IT Professionals

You are the expert at building internal systems, making new software, and managing local networks but when it comes to using LinkedIn to get high value leads and clients, you struggle.

You don’t know exactly how to use the social network or how to turn your LinkedIn leads into clients quickly and effectively.

This LinkedIn Blueprint Accelerator™ Program is for you.

We’re going to turn your skills into assets and position you as the expert you are so that you walk away with a winning campaign and leads on autopilot!

This Program Guarantees


With the high value clients that are looking for you. Stop wasting your time bringing dead leads into your business and find your ideal customer.


The right way on LinkedIn. Create relationships and fill your pipeline with the people that need your services the most, and can pay for them.


Of your ideal clients to elevate their business with your services. You’re an expert in your field and your new leads will feel excited to have your help.


Of your dream clients with 20 minutes on LinkedIn a day. Once you have this system up and running in your business, you’ll generate leads quickly and easily.

LinkedIn Blueprint Accelerator™ Program Step by Step

This program focuses on relationship building, prospect personas, getting a clear understanding of your unique selling proposition, competitor analysis, and positioning yourself so you are head and shoulders above the competition.

Where the Program Starts

We start with a full competitor analysis to deep dive into what your competition are doing on LinkedIn and additional platforms. This gives us insight into what language and content is working for them and how you can find a unique way to make it work for your business.

Next we’ll look at defining who your ideal client is. What are they like? What are their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations? What type of language do they use? That language will then be used to reposition your LinkedIn profile.

We’ll look at product or service positioning. We need to get clarity on your unique selling point. What makes your ideal client want to do business with you?

At this point, we’re going to do a full profile refocus. Using plain language that connects with your ideal customer, we’re going to position your LinkedIn headline so that your ideal prospect comes knocking on your door and wants to do business with you.

Next, we’re going to define and create your five minute favor. Your five minute favor is something that adds value to your ideal prospect really quickly, creating trust and proof that the person that you are dealing with understands that you have their best interests at heart. This is not a tacky sales pitch.

Leverage LinkedIn for Your Business

Now you’re set up to be pulling in leads left and right. We will put the training to use by building your network of ideal clients and focus on targeting your dream prospects.

We will build your messaging sequence and get your messaging campaign started. You will be engaging with your dream client so smoothly that they are inspired to work with you.

We’ll create your content strategy. Content is incredibly important on Linkedin, and not just any content, the content must be contextual. I’ll show you how to get the right mix.

Finally we are going to build your community on LinkedIn. We will identify the right kind of group to create and develop a strategy to engage within the group. We’ll invite your ideal prospect into that group and offer consistent value there.

Revisiting the competitor analysis. We’re going to use it to figure out what type of ads are converting and look into how to use a similar idea to market to your ideal clients for free.

The Hard Work is Done For You

By the end of this program, we will put a system in place that will give you full control over your LinkedIn marketing. From here on out, it’s just 20 minutes a day to get highly qualified leads.

We’ve gotten crystal clear on your offer and your language, pinpointed your ideal customer, and kick started your momentum to fill your pipeline and bring in the clients you deserve.

Ready to Jumpstart Your LinkedIn?

Schedule a free discovery call to learn more about how you can join the LinkedIn Blueprint Accelerator™ Program.

LinkedIn is a great source of leads. Many FinTech and IT professionals are too busy building and creating awesome systems and simply don’t have the time to market their products or services.

I work with IT professionals to leverage their LinkedIn profile so they can generate high quality leads, quickly and easily every day.

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