Course Overview

Let’s start with an overview of what you will learn and implement over the next 5 days. You can complete this course in less than 5 days, but you should take your time to complete each step in detail.

Day 1 – Identify your Ideal Client

Your ideal client isn’t everyone. In this lesson, we’ll discuss the problem you solve, who’s going to pay you, the power of W.I.I.F.M. and how your past clients are the key to your marketing message!

Day 2 – Value Identifiers​

Value identifiers are commonly overlooked but shouldn’t be! I know you are keen to get moving on LinkedIn and want to quickly implement strategies to get clients… BUT, if you don’t get this right, your just another sheep!

Day 3 – Profile Optimization

Create the perfect profile designed to attract your ideal clients. No more wasting time talking to the wrong people.

Day 4 – Find Your Ideal Client

I will give you some ninja tips on how to find your ideal client on LinkedIn and how to connect with them!

Day 5 – ROI Calculator

Stay on track and know exactly how much time you need to invest to reach your revenue goals.

Worksheet Resources

Worksheets included for each lesson, to help you apply that day’s lesson and document your progress.