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Not sure what you need or where to start, then check out these complimentary resources to guide your first steps in achieving greater effectiveness when relationships with your dream clients. 

In the world of an MSP people need to know, like and trust you before they will sign that contract!  It’s no longer enough just to be ‘get found’ on google.  Relationship building and being omni-present is important to your business growth.   

Not winning as many contracts as you would like? Seeing a higher than normal attrition rate on existing? Take the “MSP Quiz” to see if there is a simple tweak that could transform your business!


LinkedIn Crash Course

5 days to Leads you’ll love! Crack the LinkedIn code with this Ultimate Crash Course!


Leveraging LinkedIn for sales

Download this e-Book and start building relationships with your dream clients!


The 'Penny Jar' Challenge

10 minutes sprints that will keep you focused in the right areas to grow your business!


Want to learn more about how you can build your very own marketing machine that you can manage in just 10 minutes per day? Book a time below and I’ll send you an e-coffee! There is no better way to get to know someone then having a relaxing chat over coffee.

LinkedIn Crash Course

Build Relationships with the Right People!

There are 675 million users on LinkedIn with more than 40% actively using the platform.  Nice stats, but it’s understanding how to use the platform to your advantage and not wasting time talking to the wrong people!

Creating an a focused profile on LinkedIn is the first step in using the platform to generate sales, and connecting with your ideal clients and strategic partners.

Once you have an optimized profile you can leverage the power of LinkedIn to:
Reach out to your target market effectively and convert connections into clients.
Get found and stand out from the crowd.
Increase revenue.

Course Outline

This quick actionable 5 day course will ensure you are reaching and talking to all of the right people.

  • Day 1: Identify Your Ideal Client
  • Day 2: Value Identifiers
  • Day 3: Profile Optimization
  • Day 4:Find your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn
  • Day 5: The ROI Calculator

Learning Outcome

You will achieve an “All Star” status on LinkedIn (the highest possible!).

  • You will have an exceptional profile.
  • You will get found in more searches.
  • You will have more profile views.
  • You will be able to find the right people
  • You will understand how much time you need to invest to reach your revenue goals!

You will get more connection requests from your ideal clients..

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

10 Questions you need to be able to answer to win high value contracts!

If you have lost out too many contracts recently. It’s probably because you are leaping in too quickly with your services, rather than finding out what your clients want!

Have you  lost too many contracts?. In large part it is because you are leaping in too quickly with your services and capability, rather than finding out in depth precisely what the client wants and why.

Dealing with each contract is an entirely new search for the precise needs of the target client. It is above all about listening actively. This is usually stressful because most of us are not so good at listening, we want the job and so we become more concerned with trying to impress with our expertise rather than pursuing the inquiry. 

I have built a check list. . Just 10 questions you need to answer it will give you a springboard to checking that all the bases have been covered before the sales cycle kicks off.

Who is the client?

Company size? What industry are they in?

Who are the decision makers?

List each decision maker.

Have you connected with the decision maker?

Hint – Find them on LinkedIn, connect and start a conversation.

How long have they had this problem?

Knowing the answer to this question will help you understand the difficulty of converting this prospect to a sale.

Who else is competing?

Do your homework here.  List them and list their competencies.

Leveraging LinkedIn for sales

Free e-Book Download

LinkedIn is the sleeping giant of the Social Media world and people think that just because they’re on the platform, they’ll get leads—it’s just not true.

Learn the fastest and easiest way to optimize your LinkedIn profile for business today.
Understand the powerful but “hidden secret” of leveraging content for personal branding and engagement.
Utilize best practices to maintain professional relationships for Social Selling and Referral Marketing.

The Penny Jar Challenge!

Compete with yourself & win clients!

I created this challenge for private clients to show the positive impact of just showing up for 10 minutes each day.  There is one rule, you must commit daily!  If you do more than 10 minutes on any given day,  you still need to show up the next day.

The challenge follows the 21/90 rule.  21 days to create the habit and 90 days to make it part of your daily life.

The idea came to me after reading the fantastic 20 mile march concept by Jim Collins

Ready for a challenge that will transform your business? Let’s go..

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build Your Lead Generation System Together!

Alternatively, connect with me on your preferred social platform. I love to hear feedback, ideas and suggestions. Lets connect!

"There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

John F. Kennedy

Take action now and book a call. We will do lots of stuff that is interesting and you will transform your business and get a great result etc. But if your not ready, then why not do some training or download our free book

Boutique marketing for MSPs.  No two MSPs are the same, my approach is personal and tailored to your business.   I don't work with just anyone and have a strict policy of only working with one MSP in any city.  If we are the right fit, I am on your board and dedicated to your success.  Stop outsourcing the most important aspect of your business growth.  I will work with you to build a wildly successful lead generation engine you can manage in just 10 minutes a day.


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