Linkedin Best Practices

LinkedIn Best Practices 4 Important LinkedIn How-Tos I can’t stress this enough. People go on LinkedIn and think it’s a magic bullet to their business. They believe they are going to throw up a basic profile and just start raking in leads left and right with uninspired headlines and no connection strategy. That isn’t how […]

8 Top Tips for Prospecting and Attracting High Value Clients on LinkedIn

No cold calling, no more begging for referrals. This is networking but not as you know it!

Tired of the tech sales grind? 4 steps to your USP for leads with high value clients

To sell to John Smith and to ensure John Smith buys, you need to see through John Smith’s eyes. That means you need to understand what your ideal prospect is really looking for when they’re considering whether to buy your solution or not. For example, when someone goes to buy a mattress, they don’t really want a mattress, they want a good nights sleep. They want a specific outcome.

How to make a LinkedIn business page.

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