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”Hey guys!  You may already know me but if you don’t my name is Vikki Keenan and over on LinkedIn, I’m known as The LinkedIn Lady.  Trust based marketing is the number one form of marketing that works for MSPs and my journey to this realization started on LinkedIn. If you are not familiar with LinkedIn its a fantastic platform and allows you to engage with your dream clients effectively.  When it comes to LinkedIn I know what I’m doing I love the platform and the ability to connect with people on a one to one level!   My love affair with LinkedIn started off rocky!   I made lots of mistakes, I wanted fast results bought lots or courses and listened to ‘experts’

  • I used automation that got my account restricted (ouch)
  • I sent awful spammy templated messages that make me want to cringe when I look back!
  • I was posting 3 times a day on LinkedIn
  • I got little to no responses to my messages.


    I couldn’t figure it out, these guys had tens of thousands of connections and claimed to be LinkedIn experts. 

    I soon learnt the key to success was to build an authentic network with authentic relationships.  I stopped getting caught up in vanity metrics and focused on quality over quantity.

    The easiest most successful way to message people and get a response was to simply start a conversation with the mindset of ‘how can I help? rather than ‘how quickly can I get this person to buy my stuff!’

    Once I changed my mindset everything fell into place and ‘The QuickWin Method™ was born along with the coined term Empathetic Lead Generation and the co-creation of the World’s first business networking board game -ConnectUS.

    I developed The QuickWin Method™ to show how easy it is to become a thought leader in your industry and further developed The Hollywood MSP Authority System™ where MSPs finally get to control the narrative and control their leads.


    Vikki Keenan

    (a.k.a) The LinkedIn Lady!

    LinkedIn is a wonderful place to find and start building relationships with your dream clients, in this ebook, you will learn:

    • 10 Steps to your All Star LinkedIn profile
    • Find and connect with your ideal client
    • How to stop your dream clients going to your competitors
    • Advanced Tips and Tricks
    • Bonus Case Study - How one client closed a €6m deal on LinkedIn using the 10 minute strategy!

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    4 Important LinkedIn How-To’s for Your MSP
    4 Important LinkedIn How-To’s for Your MSP

    I can’t stress this enough. People go on LinkedIn and think it’s a magic bullet to their business. They believe they are going to throw up a basic profile and just start raking in leads left and right with uninspired headlines and no connection strategy.

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    "There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

    John F. Kennedy

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    Boutique marketing for MSPs.  No two MSPs are the same, my approach is personal and tailored to your business.   I don't work with just anyone and have a strict policy of only working with one MSP in any city.  If we are the right fit, I am on your board and dedicated to your success.  Stop outsourcing the most important aspect of your business growth.  I will work with you to build a wildly successful lead generation engine you can manage in just 10 minutes a day.


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